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The First Management Team Training in 2018

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In order to improve the management expertise and management ability and build a harmonious and highly efficient team, Xu Qinghua, the Chairman of the company invited Zheng Yi, the team building expert to Lanxiang in the morning of April 5th, 2018. A vivid and meaningful management training class was received by the management team of Lanxiang

Zheng Yi started from the essence and methods of management to have explained about the existing difficulties and methods in modern enterprise management in a simple and interactive manner and proposed relevant suggestions and strategies about how to build a united and efficient management team.

The company’s management team had in-depth understanding of corporate management and clear management ideas by broadening the thinking of management through this training. 

Next, more corporate management experts will be invited to the company to offer trainings for the management team. It is believed that these professional trainings will greatly improve the company’s management level and team building will be more efficient.


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