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Wanhua, Dedicated in Fog Dispersal for Environmental Protection

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Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd is a globalized company engaged in new chemical materials. It is the leader in China and even the world’s chemical industry. Wanhua not only attaches great importance to corporate innovative development, but also focuses on the cultural landscape construction.

Wanhua Chemical’s Yantai Industrial Park is located in the Development Zone of Yantai, which was completed and put into operation in 2014。 In early stages, all cooling towers were normal models because the fog dispersal and water-saving techniques were barely used in China, and they adopted the single-sided back-to-back pattern, which was rare in China too。 As China advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, Wanhua responded to the government’s call immediately and contacted with us frequently。 They spoke highly of our fog dispersal and water-saving techniques and requested us to customize appropriate solutions according to their situations。

As the cooling towers were arranged in a back-to-back pattern which was quite unique, so it was impossible to realize air intake from two sides with the regular fog dispersal and water-saving structure. Manager Xu organized the management team and key technicians brainstorm how to solve the problem. After days of efforts during which countless ideas were proposed and repudiated, they finally determined to cut openings on the top and side of the cooling towers as the air intake shutters, which formed unobstructed air intake channels, realizing the purpose of fog dispersal and water-saving. The solution was quickly recognized by the leaders of Wanhua who then decided to test it on the acrylic acid device of the Sixth Circulating Water Plant immediately. The solution was quickly verified on the acrylic acid device and the effects were highly admitted by the top leaders of Wanhua who asked for total modification of the remaining cooling towers, which were more than 60 of them. At present, the first stage has already been completed and subsequent works are being carried out orderly…

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