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Fire Drill Nips Fire Hazard in the Bud

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A fire drill was organized in the west area of FRP workshop in the afternoon of March 17th, 2018 according to the company’s training plan of the year.

The purpose of the drill was to enhance the awareness of fire prevention and fire-fighting skills of employees, strengthen their abilities to emergency response capacity, and reduce the impact on people after incident, as well as check the adaptability of emergency plan。 The drill took place in the eastern burdening area of No。1 Workshop of FRP Workshop where the fire broke out。 The situations of the fire were immediately reported to the head of the workshop who then organized emergency team to use the prepared equipment to put out the fire in the first time in accordance with relevant measures。 Meanwhile, the shift of the workshop was asked to evacuate and all of them were assembled in the safety zone。 From the moment those who was told that the drill began and to the moment those who arrived, and the deputy commander finally confirmed that it was no need to report to the police and announced the end of the drill, the entire drill seemed well-organized and well-coordinated by different teams, reaching the expected outcome。

HSE manager Liu Shuqiang systematically explained the use of fire drill equipment before the drill began. He wished that all of us could learn how to set off a fire alarm, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how to put out a small fire with the drill. More than 50 people attended the drill.

Mr。 Ma, director of the Safety Office of Xin’an Neighborhood commented on the organization, evacuation, process and assessment after the drill was over, and he spoke highly of the drill。 Besides, pertinent suggestions regarding the issues noticed in the drill were raised too。 The awareness of fire prevention and fire-fighting skills of the employees were improved, offering good references for the assessment of the company’s emergency plan, providing the basic data for the company in terms of fire fill training。

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