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Xu Qinghua, the chairman of Lanxiang honored those who have been working in Lanxiang for more than ten years and five years during the recognition ceremony of the company at noon time of February 23th, 2018. President Xu said, “Lanxiang has been now becoming a hi-tech enterprise with a provincial R&D platform and multiple self-developed technologies from a small company thanks to the efforts of you all. This is the results of the hard work you all have done here. We appreciated those who have witnessed the growth of Lanxiang for what they have done for the company. We are very glad to witness your dream come true together with Lanxiang and we are looking forward to your dedication in the next five years and ten years.”

Sun Xicheng, the representative of those who have been working in the company for more than ten years and Dong Shuxin, the representative of those who have been working in the company for more than five years, all have made their speeches about their own stories with Lanxiang. The stories were inspiring and emotional and full of their appreciation for the company. Moreover, they have made their commitment to create a brighter future together with the company in the next five and even ten years. 

Against the backdrop of officially startup of major project of the transition from old to new growth drivers across the province, there are new opportunities and challenges waiting for us. At Lanxiang, we will continue to uphold the development philosophy of “innovation-focused and steady development” to achieve new development and breakthrough by grasping the opportunity, following the market, training high-end talents and focusing on innovation-based independent technologies as a way to build Lanxiang into an environmental-friendly enterprise featured by perfect combination between human and enterprise and brand excellence!


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