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Company Organized A Comprehensive Knowledge Training of Safety Management for all

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In order to further improve the safety awareness of employees and strengthen their safety skills。 A Comprehensive Knowledge Training of Safety Management has been organized for all。 President Xu Qinghua attended the training and delivered a keynote speech as well as proposed the higher requirements for the arrangement of safety management in 2018。

The training was mainly carried out via PowerPoint slides, explanation, examples, and Q&A. HSE manager Liu Shuqiang explained about how to recognize dangerous factors, accident types and causes, accident prevention, how to use safety management tools, dangerous chemicals management, labor protection, and occupational healthcare in combination of the actual situations of the company. Also, the control key points of high-risk works such as working at heights, hoisting, excavation, hot works, temporary power use, and working at night are particularly highlighted. The training enables employees to understand the relationship between risks and accidents, realize how important to discover and eliminate risks if we want to reduce accident risks, and know how to use tools to eliminate risks in practice. The training has greatly corrected the attitude towards safety of certain employees, and made them combine safety with what they do, so that “everyone is responsible for safe production”.


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