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Closed cooling tower

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Closed cooling tower
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Product Application :

1、Application features: the area lacking water for water saving, process section with high quality requirements of circulating water, circulating water containing corrosion medium and process section with odorous gases.

2、Application industries: extensively applied to different industries including electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, salt chemical, pharmaceutical industry and metallurgy.

3、Product specification: single tower is 10m3/h---1000m3/h, which can be customized based on your needs。


Operating principle :

Closed cooling tower (aka airtight cooling tower) is composed by condensing coil, spraying system, motor, fan, drift eliminator, packing, skeleton and shell, air inlet window, water pump and header tank.

The principle is to place the tube-type heat exchanger into the tower, the heat exchange is realized between the circulating air and spraying water and circulating fluid within the tube-typed heat exchanger as a way to realize cooling, which makes it become a high efficient and energy saving cooling equipment.


Technical features: :

1、As it is the closed circulating, internal circulating media is not evaporated losses when temperature reducing, saving large amount of water source.


cooling medium full-closed circulating can prevent debris from entering circulating system, avoiding the contamination of circulating water,

3、Soft water is used for cooling media with non-fouling, no pipeline clogging and few failures。

4、Double cooling methods including air cooling and spraying water evaporation for heat suction are applied with high cooling efficiency;

5、Small volume of equipment, small space occupied, easy mobility and placement, without water tank

6、Intelligent automatic control, auto change cooling mode based on working conditions, water saving, energy saving, easy and reliable operation


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